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Idea #1 – Walls for Adoption – Urban Art


Create a way for members of the public to nominate the walls of their businesses, homes and institutions to have graffiti / urban art painted on it.


A moderated website could allow general public to nominate their addresses and walls to the administrator who then

* verifies the request as authentic

* posts a picture of the wall (without address details) on the site

Then a community of graffiti artists (registered with the site) can nominate to ‘adopt’ that wall and paint it within 14 days. If the wall remains blank it is passed to the next artist.


General public that value and appreciate urban art are empowered to connect to the artists in their community and support public artwork.

Graffiti artists receive more exposure and are able to experiment publicly and legally.

General public are not permitted to ‘request’ designs unless they are paying or commissioning artists. If artists ‘adopt’ a wall they have complete creative freedom (unless it’s openly offensive).

This may encourage public to commission artworks if they have preference to what’s put on their wall.

Everything is moderated by the site administrator to ensure any problems can be resolved quickly to avoid negative publicity.

This idea came from visiting Condor Tower Carpark.


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4 Responses

  1. Reuben says:

    Good idea. there are communities of street artists though, and a lot of them would be available for commission. I imagine there would be a lot of Legal issues around a site like this. ie. making sure artists aren’t mistaken for vandals and arrested, also public liability etc. what if the commissioner doesn’t like the piece? and who defines what artwork is offensive, and what isn’t?

    • I think there are a few solutions that are possible..
      A lot of them would be available for commission but the ‘general public’ wouldn’t know how to contact them easily (or safely) or perhaps even think that it’s an option, especially seeing as urban art is portrayed negatively more often than not in the media. This would be a trusted way for the general public to connect with existing artists.
      The site would be moderated and artists would be required to ‘register’ with the site – meaning they wouldn’t be mistaken for vandals as they would be given permissions, contacts (of wall-owners etc) to ‘adopt’ a wall.
      If the commissioner hasn’t commissioned (e.g. paid for it) then they don’t get a say in what goes on their wall, and it’s the risk they take.
      If they actually formally ‘commission’ (actually pay and request one) a work then they could get to
      * choose their artist
      * choose their design etc
      And there would be an appropriate process and attached fee to account for this preparation. Creating work for the artist and a proper brief/outline for what the owner of the wall will get.
      The site could have simple guidelines to what is ‘offensive’ and not. This could be decided by the moderator of the site, or the artists as a ‘community’ through the site. Depending how it would work best. E.g. no nudity, no swear words etc. If an artist breaks these rules they are de-registered etc.
      Artists are registered to the site so they won’t get access to the address/details of the wall until they’ve been approved for it by the moderator.

  2. Alex Last says:

    Awesome idea.

  3. Donna Lee Curtis says:

    What a fabulous idea! A great way to encourage urban artists and contribute to the culture of Perth. I Hope this one comes through. It has my vote!

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